We are thrilled to announce distribution exclusivity for Suntech's 330W Mono half cell solar module. Since its launch, we have been working extensively with Suntech to bring this module to the Australian Market and are pleased to announce its availability for pre-order. The 330W Mono Half Cell is consistent with Suntech's commitment to continuous improvement in module efficiency, reliability and durability with the unique half cell design format delivering significant improvements to reflection performance and fill factor without impact in module size. And, at 2 even strings of 10, it will deliver ideal optimisation characteristics at an even 6.6kW output. As usual, the 330W module has undergone rigorous certification, by world leading independent testing laboratories, to meet and exceed industry standards and performance characteristics across the harshest simulated environments which largely contributes as to why Suntech panels to hold the lowest warranty claim rates in the market (less than 100 p/pm).