Suntech’s HIPower Max series beats competitor modules on LCOE by 6%

The high-efficiency mono PERC module features a range of innovations from Suntech’s industry-leading R&D facilities. The cells are 2mm wider and longer compared to common monocrystalline cells. The 158.75 square monocrystalline PERC cell is completely square eliminating traditional monocrystalline module's packaging space. The effective power generation area is increased by 1.2%, and as a result the power is increased by about 8W on average.

Cell topology provides a 2% power gain.

Both the 78-cell large sheet design and the higher power density effectively reduce the installation area and save costs in labour and balance of systems. That maximizes the photovoltaic system's economic superiority and output power. A real world example is provided by a 120MW project in southern Australia. A common monocrystalline PERC half-cell 375W module is delivering an LCOE of 0.03 USD/kWh. By comparison, with the HIPower Max 440W module, LCOE can be reduced by up to 6%.

“LCOE is the definitive metric for solar power plants as we move into the post-subsidy era. Suntech has focussed its considerable R&D efforts into maximising this for our customers as they look to improve yields,” said Zhang Wei, VP Wuxi Suntech Power Co. Ltd. “This fact is even more pertinent in markets like Western Europe and Southeast Asia where land is either very expensive, scarce or both.”

The HIPower Max series’ half-cell design uses the "in-parallel before in-series" circuit design, effectively reducing power losses within the module and increasing power by about 8W on average.

The application of half-cell structure technology can also significantly lower the module's operating temperature and increase its TK Pmax. Compared to common modules, the half-cell module at ambient temperature of 35℃ can be lowered by over 2.5℃ in its operating temperature, and the measured half-cell's generating capacity per Watt is 4.64% higher than that of a common module guaranteeing more power output at higher temperatures.

Hydrogen passivation, and other processes minimize LID and LeTID effects to maximise the benefits of the power gains from the module design throughout their lifespan.

The HIPower Max series will benefit from SunTech’s 25-year linear performance guarantee and a 12-year product warranty.