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Suntech is one of the world's largest solar module manufacturers and is also a pioneer in the research and development (R&D) of crystalline silicon solar cell technology. Founded in 2001, Suntech has supplied over 25GW photovoltaic modules to more than 100 countries. As a leading photovoltaic manufacturing company, we specialised in the research and production of crystalline silicon solar cells and modules, and always dedicated ourselves to the improvement of production technology, and also the R&D technology to ensure the most reliable and highest quality to our customers. We aim to become the most trusted PV company through continuous innovation and excellent management With more than 19 years’ experience as a global leader, Suntech has earned a host of awards including. EuPD 2020 "Top Brand PV" seal in Australia. The EuPD, an authoritative research institute recognised worldwide, marking that Suntech has been honoured a leading solar brand consecutive for 3 years since 2018. Suntech was also awarded leading solar brand in Europe for five consecutive years. Furthermore, Suntech has also been rated as a “Top Brand PV" seal in Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands in 2020.
The company has a strong connection with Australia, as their founder Dr Shi Zhengrong studied his Ph.D. at the University of New South Wales (UNSW). They also have extensive R&D projects underway with the UNSW, Australian National University and Monash University. Suntech's high-efficiency solar panels are extensively tested to ensure optimal performance in all conditions

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Not your average solar panel

Extensively tested, Suntech solar modules are a cut above the rest and make the most of the sun. In fact, under identical conditions, Suntech products perform up to 16% better than competitor brands, generating more solar energy from the same sunlight.

Module efficiency

Highly efficient cell technology converts as much energy as possible from valuable roof space exceeding 18% in rated efficiency.

PID Resistant

Using high-volume resistant EVA, Suntech boost PID resistance by limiting sodium ion movement from cell surface to glass.

Performance Consistency

Suntech’s patented “Edge Insulation” boasts performance on cloudy or winter days.

Positive Power Tolerance

Each module produced is designated a power class which, if used together, can generate a boost of up to 2% in output.

Tested For Extreme Conditions

Built to withstand a min wind speed of 162km/h, more than 30 km/h above IEC’s minimum safety factor requirement.

Enhanced Hail Test

Built with wider cavity frames, Suntech modules can take the impact of hailstones up to four times their weight at a greater velocity than standard IEC testing.

Tested to withstand extreme conditions

Ensuring sustainable power throughout the harshest of environments including desert, farmland and coastline, Suntech modules undergo up to 52 rigorous quality assurance tests. Further to this, they are sent to world-leading 3rd party test laboratories, including VDE and IEC and reinsured by MunichRE
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  • World leading certification in hail test, able to endure 45mm particle size at a speed of 30.7m per second
  • Sand Blow test assesses durability for desert conditions. Modules assessed at a temperature of 63 ±2, Particle size average of 250µm with wind speed at 9 ±2 m/s - equivalent to conditions in Saudi Arabia
  • High resistance when mechanically tested for wind & snow conditions by VDE. The Wind test, module rated at 3800 Pa (~ 162 km/h) and Snow test module rated 5400 Pa (~ 550 kg/m²) both of which meet or exceed IEC requirements.

Industry leading warranty

Suntech guarantee a 97% power output in the first year, with nominal output decrease of no more than 0.7% through to the module’s 25th service year. This guarantees that up to the 25th year of operation, the module will output a minimum of 80.2% nominal power.

25 linear warranty
15yr product warranty

Suntech solar modules are one of very few manufacturers in Australia whose products are backed by a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty. The repair, replacement, or refund remedy guarantees your Suntech products will remain free from defect in materials and workmanship under normal application, installation, use, and service conditions.

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