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Supply Chain Management

Smart Australia-Wide Solutions

Enhance your Supply Chain Strategy & Competitive Performance

SolarAU Supply Chain Management will add value to your next project or business opportunity. When Storage costs come at a premium, our intuitive platform can optimize utilization, decreasing operational expense and enhance your supply chain capability.
Australia Wide
We offer Metro and National Delivery services across Australia


Project Methodology
Simplicity in Logistics management keeping cost, schedule and risk under control.
Supporting Efficiency
Increase transport efficiency and develop sustainable solutions for Greenfield projects .
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Metro Delivery Services

Our Integrated Logistics platform and network of key logistic assets create certainty knowing your goods will arrive when needed. We can cater to any number of delivery solutions, such as:

  • Same or Next Day delivery
  • Tail Lift/Assisted Unload Services
  • Business to Consumer (B2C) delivery with GPS Tracking.
  • Dedicated Vehicles - From One Tonne to Semi-Trailers

National/Interstate Delivery Services

Our team have secured strong service level agreements with Toll and Mainfreight, two of Australia's leading freight services. This allows SolarAU to utilise both localised and regional depots extending our coverage Australia-wide whilst enabling minimal transit times. We can provide:

  • Business to Consumer (B2C) delivery with GPS Tracking.
  • Tail Lift/Assisted Unload Services
  • Comprehensive Track and Trace reporting.
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Project Methodology

Drawing on both local and global assets, our team can enhance delivery routes to achieve lower landed costs with predictable lead times.
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Applying the latest analytical tools, we identify areas of weakness, looking for opportunities to strategically enhance your business .

  • We use advanced network modeling techniques to analyze the number, size and location of distribution centers.
  • Lower operational cost by optimizing for seasonal fluctuations in volume demand.
  • Improve insight into inventory positioning (warehousing) relative to client demand forecasts.
Partner with SolarAU and gain access to our streamline network of systems, processes and resources to eliminate complexity, achieve operational oversight and take back control.

Green Field Projects

Our Logistics Management capabilities have enabled efficient execution of supply chain strategy for current and upcoming Solar Farm deployments.

Risk and Sustainability

We can identify supply chain risks and develop sustainable solutions to alleviate issues before they occur.

Site Inspection

Working with you on site to assess exact requirements to guarantee successful delivery.

Route Analytics

Increasing transport efficiency and accessing drive cost savings from key analysis of route to destination.

Expenditure Control

Comprehensive network modelling to reduce operational expenditure.

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