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Enjoy peace of mind with a Suntech product warranty

Suntech solar panels are built to exceed industry standards for reliability, endurance and output. These exacting standards have allowed Suntech to pursue and become one of only three manufacturers to achieve the rigorous VDE QT certification and thereby qualify for reinsurance through MunichRE as an additional layer of customer protection. These factors increase consumer confidence, brand perception and bankability by decreasing the likelihood of failure through material defect or panel degradation. In fact, at 100 parts per million, Suntech has one of the lowest failure rate statistics in the industry, rivalling that of more expensive European manufacturers. Not bad for a company producing over 2.7 million solar modules last year alone.
Claiming any warranty is never a fun experience, however with Suntech and SolarAU the process is simple and stress-free, designed to deliver technical expertise, support, and ultimately, a speedy resolution.

Steps to claiming your Suntech Warranty:

1. Diagnose

The first step is to complete a thorough fault diagnosis of the PV System. You can use the Suntech PV Module Troubleshooting Guide to assist in this process.

2. Contact

Whilst on site with the suspected faulty module call Suntech on (02) 8188 2450. Engineers will be able to provide troubleshooting consultation and validate a claim dependent on the result.

3. Submit

Complete and submit the Warranty Claim Form, including your invoice, system performance data and required images. This should then be sent to

4. Sign

Suntech will return the Warranty Claim Form and Warranty Resolution Agreement for the Installer to complete, sign and return.

SolarAU 15 year Product Warranty

We extend the original warranty period a further 3 years by incorporating a more durable back sheet during the manufacturing process. The build deviation is identifiable by its serial number designation and SolarAU documentation and thus cannot be misrepresented or cross-promoted by other supply channels without validation.
solar packing slip

  • SolarAU Packing Slip denotes warranty period directly against each panel purchased in the 'Wty' Column
  • All modules can be identified using serial numbers. This can be used to ensure the correct invoice is submitted.

Warranty Forms

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Click the link(s) below to download PDF Files. A PDF viewer is required to view these files.