According to data feedback gathered from third-party insurance companies, as of December 31, 2018, the proportion of complaints regarding Suntech's products among all complaints received by third-party insurance companies, such as Munich RE and The People's Insurance Company of China (PICC), within the past five years, was only 100 ppm. This is far lower than the industry average, representing just 0.01%. Suntech has always been universally acclaimed for its exceedingly high quality in the PV industry. No matter how severe the weather, Suntech solar modules always ensure stable, reliable power generation.

Strict quality guidelines ensure quality products

Every Suntech solar module is subjected to a series of rigorous tests on the production line. Of particular note is the EL test, a test that modules go through following the laminating process. The EL test is similar to a B-mode ultrasound scan one would find in a hospital. Based on the EL of crystalline silicon, a high-resolution infrared camera takes near-infrared images of Suntech's solar modules. Cracks, poor soldering, broken grates, and other defects that cannot be seen with the naked eye are detected, allowing hidden dangers to be removed from the beginning.
The final testing process uses BoGe testers purchased from Germany. In other companies, this equipment is only used in labs, but at Suntech, they are used to conduct routine module tests, effectively guaranteeing uniform product quality and reliable power generation. The products are also tested utilizing strict security protocols and are tested for product safety up to an impact of 3,600V. These stringent professional tests have enabled Suntech products to guarantee reliable quality for the last 25 years. "Everyone knows industry standards may be set very high. However, Suntech's specific testing implementation is the key to our product's exceptional quality," said MR Fei, Manager of the QA Department, Suntech.

Key Performance Index reflects product operating quality on site

The quality of the product is further illustrated through the Mean Time Between Failure key (MTBF) performance index.
Mean time between failure index
The index provides a summary of all field failures recorded by Suntech from 2003 to June 2018. What's interesting about this is, out of the 61,657,238 modules sold by Suntech, only 59,470 of those modules reported a fault or were otherwise deemed defective - that represents a total failure rate of 0.096%. This is a big factor when considering which panel brand to deploy in the field that will guarantee reliability, performance and minimise ongoing issues.